IASL Assessment Method

Comprehensive parenting/caregiver assessments can be undertaken to include measures derived from attachment-based/parental sensitivity tools to assist in understanding the risk in dyadic relationships and the systemic family functioning.

Comprehensive Family Formulations can be undertaken that include all relevant family members. NICE approved attachment tools, as well as robust measures of parental sensitivity are utilised and are pivotal to assessing and identifying risk in relationships

Risk is a relational construct …..we are looking at the functioning of the relationship not solely on the pathology of the individual


We explore attachment, relationships and family systems from a DMM (Dynamic Maturational Model) perspective and believe this key in assessing parenting/ caregiving, delivering robust expert witness assessments that are grounded in research and best practice.  

Assessments can include the use of measures attachment-based tools, such as

The Infant Care Index (ICI) 

The Toddler Care Index (TCI) 

The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) 

The Meaning of the Child interview (MotC), 

The School Age Assessment of Attachment (SAA) 

Child Attachment and Play Assessment (CAPA) Narrative Story Stems 

Marschak Interaction Method (MIM)

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